How Do You Spell Non Recurring?

What is mean by recurring?

/rɪˈkɝː.ɪŋ/ happening many times, or happening again: Francis suffered all his life from a recurring nightmare that he was trapped in a falling house..

What is the synonym of recurring?

SYNONYMS. repeated, recurring, repetitive, reiterative, periodic, happening at intervals, cyclical, cyclic, seasonal, perennial, regular, habitual, chronic, continual, frequent. intermittent, sporadic, spasmodic, odd.

What does recurrent mean?

adjective. that recurs; occurring or appearing again, especially repeatedly or periodically. Anatomy. turned back so as to run in a reverse direction, as a nerve, artery, branch, etc.

What is the meaning of non terminating?

a decimal numeral that does not end in an infinite sequence of zeros (contrasted with terminating decimal).

What is the difference between recurring and recurrent?

Recurrent tends to suggest a coming back of something that has existed before, whereas recurring often implies simply a repeated occurrence.

What is another word for persistent?

In this page you can discover 71 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for persistent, like: determined, gritty, insistent, resolute, enduring, fixed, unceasing, importunate, obdurate, persevering and unshakable.

Is the word non recurring?

adjective. not occurring or happening again, especially often or periodically.

What is non recurrent?

: nonrecurrent specifically : unlikely to happen again —used of financial transactions that affect a profit and loss statement abnormally.

What is difference between recurring and nonrecurring?

Recurring costs refer to any expense that is known, anticipated, and occurs at regular intervals. Nonrecurring costs are one-of-a-kind expenses that occur at irregular intervals and thus are sometimes difficult to plan for or anticipate from a budgeting perspective.

What is the difference between recurring and recurring?

Something that is recurring happens over and over again, possibly at regular intervals. In contrast, something that is reoccurring is simply happening again but not always repeatedly.