Is Lost The Greatest Show Ever?

Do they all die in Lost?

But no, they were not dead all along after the plane crashed.

The flashsideways scenes depict an afterlife that the characters constructed for themselves due to the fact that their time on the island – which was completely real from start to end – was the most important part of their respective lives..

Is the island in lost real?

To put it simply: If you think the characters in Lost were “dead the whole time,” you are wrong. … are all dead. They died in the plane crash of Oceanic Flight 815, and the Island doesn’t actually exist — it’s just a representation of Purgatory where all of the characters are overcoming their personal demons after death.

Where can I binge watch Lost?

For those longing to “GO BAAACK” to their nostalgic island days and nights of twisty mystery, here’s how you can binge watch LOST:Hulu. Go on Walkabout via a $5.99/month Hulu subscription. … YouTube. … Amazon Prime Video. … VUDU. … iTunes. … Google Play. … FandagoNOW.

Who is the best character on Lost?

Lost: Top 10 Fan Favorite Characters, Ranked1 Jack Shephard. The doctor, who from the beginning cemented his position as the leader even if he didn’t want it at first.2 James “Sawyer” Ford. … 3 Kate Austen. … 4 Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. … 5 Sayid Jarrah. … 6 Ben Linus. … 7 John Locke. … 8 Charlie Pace. … More items…•

What is the best episode of Lost?

The 10 Best Episodes Of ‘Lost’“Through the Looking Glass” (Season 3, Episode 22-23)“The Constant” (Season 4, Episode 5) … “Walkabout” (Season 1, Episode 4) … “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1-2) … “Exodus” (Season 1, Episode 23-25) … “The Incident” (Season 5, Episode 16-17) … “Man of Science, Man of Faith” (Season 2, Episode 1) … More items…

What happened to Rose and Bernard on Lost?

Rose Nadler (née Henderson) was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She was on the plane with her husband Bernard, and was separated from him for 48 days following the crash. … In the flash-sideways, she and Bernard moved on along with their friends.

How many hours is lost?

Time Requirements: 90 hours (3.75 days). Each episode averages about 43 minutes, so if you clock 10 hour-days (600 minutes, or about 14 episodes) on Saturdays and Sundays, it’ll only take up a cool 4.5 weekends, or nine days, of your life.

Who does Kate from Lost end up with?

Finally, One Lost Mystery Solved And what exactly was the island??), but we did get a resolution to at least one 6-year mystery: The Kate/Jack/Sawyer love triangle. Finally (finally!) Kate made her choice—Jack.

Is Lost series worth watching?

The series is never as incredible as it was in the first season, and there are chunks of the second and third seasons that could be cut out without losing anything, in terms of the overall plot and character arcs. But, overall, it is definitely worth watching; in fact, I’d recommend watching it twice.

Why is lost such a good show?

The ending to Lost was so beautifully done and stayed true to the show we watched for 6 seasons. The afterlife that they created for themselves is evidence of their time on the island and how important it was to them all. They found a way to live together so they didn’t have to die alone.

Does the show lost ever make sense?

Lost’s season one was truly a case of a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters. Update: I saw the finale. … What was more telling was the comment by the two writers in the pre-finale-show: the entire show was more about the growth of the characters, which actually makes complete sense.

When did everyone die on Lost?

Juliet dies at the beginning of season six after falling down a shaft and detonating a bomb. Sayid dies midway through season six saving his friends from a bomb, and Sun and Jin die later in the same episode, drowning together in a sinking submarine.

Does Sawyer die in Lost?

When Sawyer is shot on the raft his injury, and journey to return to the island camp, leaves him septic and very near death. Despite the discovery of the hatch and all the supplies it has to offer, everyone believes Sawyer will die. He doesn’t. He regains his health and lives.

Was lost just a dream?

It wasn’t all a dream, but some scenes were only in the imagination of a character. In some cases it was their deliberate imagination, making up a story, while in others it was produced by suggestion in a stupor, and in yet others it was indeed some form of reverie.

Are there monsters in Lost?

The Island is home to a mysterious entity, consisting of a black mass accompanied by mechanical-like sounds and electrical activity within, dubbed the “Smoke Monster” or just the “Monster” by the survivors. The monster has been described by Lost producer Damon Lindelof as “one of the biggest secrets” of the mythology.

Was lost Cancelled?

Lost showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse caused quite a ruckus in January at the TV Critics Press Tour when they announced that Lost would be ending after two more seasons.

Does Claire die in Lost?

If you haven’t seen this episode of “Lost” yet, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER.] At first blush, Tuesday night’s episode of “Lost” appeared to be Kate-centric, but it was what we found out about Claire that intrigued me the most. Back in season four, Claire was taken away mysteriously by her dead(?)

How does Jin die in Lost?

Jin tried a number of times to escape the island. His first attempt sent him right back to the island, into the hands of a hostile group of other survivors. He and Sun later boarded a freighter, but though Sun escaped, a disaster aboard convinced her he died.