Is Negan Really With The Whisperers?

Who kills Negan?

After a long talk about the new world order and whom he should beat to death using Lucille, he finally chose his victim at random: Glenn.

Negan told the mourning and crying group that the Saviors would be back in one week to collect half of everything that Alexandria Safe-Zone owned, or there would be more killings..

Why did Negan kill Alpha?

In episode 12 of season 10 called Walk With Us, we saw Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finally killed Alpha after tricking her into thinking her daughter was being held captive in a cabin. … For viewers who don’t remember, Negan didn’t escape his prison cell in Alexandria all on his own.

Will Negan betray the whisperers?

THE WALKING DEAD has been teasing Negan’s betrayal against Alpha for some time now, with many viewers believing he will kill the Whisperers’ leader in some sort of sneak attack – however it has now been suggested the recent tactics employed by the Whisperers has confirmed Negan will not be killing off Alpha, and he …

Why did alpha kill Lydia?

Lydia (Cassady McClincy) famously denounced her mother Alpha (Samantha Morton) and turned her back on The Whisperers to join the allied communities. Alpha subsequently lied and told her people that Lydia was dead in a bid to prevent others from following in her footsteps.

Why did Negan kill Glenn?

The leader of the Saviors, Negan, selects Glenn to die as “punishment” for the Saviors Rick’s group killed; he then bludgeons Glenn to death with a baseball bat. … His death initially leaves the group shattered, with Maggie quickly descending into an emotional mess and Rick on the verge of yielding to Negan’s power.

What did Glenn say to Maggie before he died?

“I will find you.” Those were Glenn’s final words to Maggie on The Walking Dead while he was in the midst of being pummeled with a barbed-wire-covered baseball bat.

Why is Negan so evil?

He’s not looking to take over the world. He’s the kind of evil that happens when someone with opportunity and no real moral compass can operate without restraint. He’s the kind of evil that happens when power corrupts, when someone believes that the ends justify the means. Yes, Negan does get things done.

Does Negan help defeat the whisperers?

Unfortunately for Beta, Negan fights his way through a group of the undead to surprise Alpha and prove to Beta that he’s more than just a chatterbox. … In the comics, Negan goes undercover with the Whisperers to eventually help rid of them.

Why is Negan with the whisperers?

The reason: he plans to bring Alpha’s head back to Alexandria as a sign of his loyalty. Whether or not a similar moment is still waiting in the TV show’s future remains to be seen, though it’s been heavily speculated that Negan is only in the Whisperer camp as a means of helping the Alexandrians.

Will Negan kill Alpha in the show?

In the comics, Negan beheads Alpha long before the Whisperers and their horde head to Hilltop for a big battle. … On the one hand, it’s possible the series has just altered the timeline of events leading to Alpha’s demise, meaning Negan will still kill Alpha, but just not yet.

Why are the whisperers so bad?

Because they don’t use a system of typical laws, the Whisperers have especially abhorrent views on sexual violence; they believe it’s up to a woman to fight off any attacker and don’t see rape as a crime.

Is Negan Lydia’s dad?

When Negan saved Lydia from being beaten to death by some of the residents of Alexandria, it caused Lydia to have memories of her biological father and what little she recalls about him.

Why did TWD kill off Rick?

My relationship with Mr Rick Grimes is far from over.” The British actor explained that his decision stemmed from wanting to spend more time with his family back in the UK, having been forced to continually relocate to Georgia for filming since the show began.

Is Negan with the whisperers?

Daryl realizes that Negan has now joined the Whisperers, and there is no way out. He returns to Hilltop with the kids and everyone sets about getting ready for impending doom.

Does Daryl die in walking dead?

AliveDaryl Dixon/Status