Is Updation A Correct Word?

Is details a correct word?

Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense details , present participle detailing , past tense, past participle detailed pronunciation note: The pronunciation (dɪteɪl ) is also used in American English.

The details of something are its individual features or elements..

Which is correct word?

When something is true, legitimate or right, you can say it’s correct, using the word as an adjective. The origin of correct can be found in the Latin word regere, “to guide,” which became correctus as the past participle of corrigere, meaning “to straighten.” When you correct your posture, you sit up straight. …

What does it mean to update something?

: to change (something) by including the most recent information. : to make (something) more modern. : to give (someone) the most recent information about something.

What is another word for update?

What is another word for update?moderniseUKmodernizeUSreviseupgradecorrectrefreshrefurbishrenewrenovatebetter208 more rows

What is the opposite of updated?

I think “date” could be seen as an antonym for “update.” To date something can mean to assign to a particular time. If something is dated, in this sense, it is not, or no longer, updated. Similarly, something “outdated” could be considered the opposite of something updated.

What is difference between update and up to date?

“Up-to-date” = the current situation of the state of the art at today’s date; and. “Updated” = the current situation of the state of the art at the date of the last updating.

How do you say I will keep you updated?

If someone asks you to keep them posted on the general progress of a project, you may want to say, “Ok. I’ll keep you updated.” Alternatively, if they are waiting for some specific information you can say, “Ok. I’ll let you know as soon as we hear something.”

Is updated a correct word?

Update is the correct noun form.

What is correct sentence?

In order for a sentence to be grammatically correct, the subject and verb must both be singular or plural. In other words, the subject and verb must agree with one another in their tense.

How do you use correct in a sentence?

Correct sentence examplesAt least he had found the correct profession. … The government operating in its correct role is instrumental to civilization. … Maybe. … Later, as she looked down at his sleeping form, she was silently cursing the doctor because his diagnosis was correct, but for the wrong partner.More items…

Do we have any update on this meaning?

An “update” is new information about something. For example, if your uncle is in the hospital for surgery, you can call another family member to get an “update” on his condition.

What is correct English?

n. the English language in its most widely accepted form, as written and spoken by educated people in both formal and informal contexts, having universal currency while incorporating regional differences. [1870–75] ———-

How do you use update in a sentence?

Update sentence examplesI’ll update your address list virtually over the next few years. … “Update on the tears,” he directed. … Though I was anxious to speak with Detective Jackson for an update, it was too early to call.More items…