Is Whatnot One Word Or Two?

What does WHY NOT MEAN?

: a return challenge demanding what bars an action or negates an assertion.

at a why-not.


: at a disadvantage..

Where did the term WHAT NOT COME FROM?

A what-not is a piece of furniture derived from the French étagère, which was exceedingly popular in England in the first three-quarters of the 19th century. It usually consists of slender uprights or pillars, supporting a series of shelves for holding china, ornaments, trifles, or “what not”, hence the allusive name.

Is paperwork one word?

Paperwork is the task of filling out forms, especially when they’re literally on paper. … Paperwork is a collective noun, meaning it appears in a singular form but refers to such tasks as a group.

What is love explain in one word?

The word is mostly used according to the first definition given in the dictionary: “an intense feeling of deep affection.” In other words, love is what one feels. … You may have very strong feelings about them, you may even believe you cannot live without them, but you do not love them.

Is whatnot a proper word?

Whatnot is another word for odds and ends. Whatnot also means etcetera, so it often comes at the end of a list. Whatnot has always referred to knickknacks, but a whatnot used to be the name of the shelves to put those knickknacks on. …

Is Infront one word or two?

both are correct, but use in front if you are writing a formal. “in front” of and “infront” of? grammatically the second is wrong because if you join the two together, it becomes a word and no longer a phrase. no such word “infront” exist in any known dictionary, so obviously “infront” is what we term as bahasa pasar.

Is every way one word or two?

There are two instances in which every way is accepted: in every way or every which way. Otherwise, stick to everyway.

How do you use the word whatnot in a sentence?

whatnot in a sentenceNet pockets on the seat backs can store magazines and whatnot.The guys from Fort Hood come here to party and whatnot,There had been a couple of robberies and whatnot in Herington.We would tell them our interests _ Grateful Dead and whatnot.Posing for ” Playboy ” or whatnot .”More items…

What’s a whatnot mean?

: any of various other things that might also be mentioned paper clips, pins, and whatnot. whatnot. Definition of whatnot (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a nondescript person or thing. 2 : a light open set of shelves for bric-a-brac.

What is the meaning of have you?

idiom. —used to emphasize something in a somewhat annoyed or angry way.