Question: Can You Rename Photos On IPhone?

Can you label iPhone photos?

IPhones come with the Photos app to manage, store and organize all your photos.

Select “Edit” to add custom text to your photo and tap the “More” icon.

Select “Markup” and then tap the “Plus” sign to add a caption to the photo in a plain text format.

After selecting the option, type the text to caption the photo..

How do you rename photos?

Upload the renamed file to Google Photos….There is a workaround, however, if you want that:Open the image in Google Photos.Select the : menu in the upper right.Select Save to Device.Open the all apps section of your Android phone and select Files.Find the image you just downloaded to the downloads folder.More items…•

How do I change photo details on iPhone?

In Photo Investigator, follow these steps:Tap the gallery icon on the bottom-left.Select the picture you want to edit EXIF data for.To view EXIF data, you can tap the various icons below the image.To edit or remove EXIF data (after you pay for the app), tap Metadata.Now select Remove or Edit.

How do you remove someone from a photo on iPhone?

iOS 10:Select the face in the People album to open it.Optionally, to the right of the Photos label, tap Show All.Tap Select in the upper-right corner. … Tap one or more photos to select.Tap the Share button.Tap Not This Person to remove those photos from the matched set.

How do I assign a face in iphoto?

To add a missing face manually:Select a photo that shows a person you want to name, but whose face wasn’t detected in the initial scan or a rescan of your photo library.In the Information pane, click Faces to open the Faces section. … Click the “Add a Face” button in the Information pane.More items…

How do I change photo name on iPhone?

Tap a photo to select it, and then tap the “Actions” button. Tap “Rename” to display the on-screen keyboard. Enter the new file name for the picture and then tap “OK.”