Question: How Can I Get English Subtitles For Korean Movies?

How can I get English subtitles?

StepsClick a video thumbnail.

You can open any video from the home page, a channel, or from the Search bar at the top of the page.

Click the CC icon on the bottom-right.

This button is next to the white.

Click the white.

gear icon on the bottom-right.

Click Subtitles/CC in the Settings pop-up.

Select a subtitle language..

Is OpenSubtitles safe?

The website may very well cause governments to make these custom subtitles illegal. Al because this website owner want’s to make a quick profit. It is an okay site. Not the best, not the worst.

How can I get subtitles for a movie?

The easiest way is to visit a subtitle website, search for your TV show or movie and download the SRT file. The two most popular sites for getting subtitles are Subscene and On OpenSubtitles, perform a search and then you’ll see all the available subtitles for different languages at the bottom.

Can I delete SRT file?

You can delete an external subtitle file that you got from On-Demand Subtitle Search or that you added manually. Subtitles embedded in a file cannot be deleted.

How can I download English subtitles for a movie?

Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.OpenSubtitles. … Addic7ed. … Podnapisi. … YIFY Subtitles. … DIVX Subtitles. … Subscene.

What is an SRT file?

An SRT file or SubRip (. srt) file is one of the most common types of raw closed caption file formats or subtitle formats. Typically a raw file like an SRT or another type of supported “closed caption file” is ordered after a video has been produced as part of the post-production process.

How do SRT files work?

What Are SRT Files? SubRip Subtitle files (SRT) are plain-text files that contain subtitle information. They include start and stop times next to the subtitle text, ensuring they’ll be displayed at exactly the right moment in your video. SRT files work on most social media sites that let you upload captions.

How do I read a SRT file as a text file?

How to convert SRT to TextUpload SRT file: select the subtitles file that you want to convert to Text.Select “Text file (. txt)” from the droplist or any other subtitle format available.Click on “Convert to Text”.Download your Text file.

Do all YouTube videos have captions?

After reading YouTube’s official documentation, it would appear that all videos have automatically generated subtitles. However, for example this video doesn’t have captions of any kind. If automatic captions are available, they’ll automatically be published on the video.

Can I get English subtitles on YouTube?

You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube video. A red line will appear under the icon when closed captions have been enabled. 2. … If subtitles are available for a video, a choice of generated captions and other formats will be available here.

Why are my YouTube subtitles GREY?

How to turn closed captions on/off on YouTube. … You know when closed captions are activated because the CC symbol turns white, instead of grey. To change caption settings, click the Settings icon. and select Subtitles/CC from the menu.

Where can I get English subtitles for Korean movies?

Now, I have sorted out the top 10 websites to download Korean movies with English subtitles for your further references.No. 1 … No. 2 … No. 3 … No. 4 Thedramacool. … No. 5 Viki. … No. 6 NewAsianTV. … No. 7 … No. 8 Dramafever.More items…•