Question: Is It Safe To Go See Joker?

Is it dangerous to go see Joker?

However, following an investigation of “clowncel” groups, the FBI determined that as a whole, they are not regarded as dangerous.

JOKER, a film where you’re supposed to sympathize with a mediocre white man radicalized into deranged violence, will no doubt be appealing to the wrong audience for the worst reasons..

Is the Joker movie worth seeing?

This dark comic book inspired film is well worth your time and money. Joker is worth the watch for most folks. … “Dark and gritty” are words thrown around a lot to describe films of all genres nowadays, but for Joker this the perfect way to describe it. It’s dark and gritty, anarchistic and nasty, chaotic and filthy.

What age is appropriate to see the Joker?

What is the age rating of Joker? According to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), Joker is a 15, meaning only those aged 15 and older are allowed to see it. Children younger than 15 are not permitted to watch the film, even if they are accompanied by an adult.

What mental illness does the Joker have?

What do you do for the Joker? He has bipolar disorder type 1, most recent episode manic, severe, with psychotic features, and he also has Pseudobulbar affect. That can be treated by medication.

Why did joker get in the fridge?

The fridge moment wasn’t actually in the script for Joker, but was improvised on set by Phoenix. Speaking to CinemaBlend, cinematographer Lawrence Sher explained that certain scenes in the movie “had no plan at all,” and were instead set up to allow Phoenix to experiment.

Did Joker kill Batman’s parents?

Joquin Phoenix’s Joker doesn’t kill Bruce Wayne’s parents outright, but he does create a lawless situation that basically causes it to happen. Toward the end of the movie, this version of the Joker has several Joker minions, and a guy in a Joker mask kills Thomas and Martha Wayne, in front of 10-year-old Bruce Wayne.

Is Joker Batman’s brother?

That’s right: Batman and Joker are half-brothers, at least according to Penny. The movie never explicitly makes clear whether that’s true or not. Arthur, donning a red clown nose, pays a visit to Wayne Manor and performs an impromptu magic show for an enthralled young Bruce Wayne (played by Dante Pereira-Olson).

Is the Joker movie a hallucination?

From there onward, “Joker” at times blurs the line between gritty realism and fantasy, with certain moments and even entire story lines, such as Fleck’s budding romance with an empathetic neighbor (Zazie Beetz), revealed to be apparent delusions sprung from his increasingly disturbed mind.

Is the new Joker movie scary?

We’ve known the Joker to be a psychopathic mass murderer throughout his time in pop culture, but he’s never been quite as scary or unsettling as he appears to be in the latest trailer. The new movie will explore Arthur Fleck’s (Joker’s official name) failed comic career and his descent into insanity.

Does the Joker have anxiety?

Joker had no anxiety symptoms. He did not present with any significant obsessive compulsive phenomenon.

Why did Joker kill his mother?

Thomas is furious and swiftly lets Arthur know that he and his mother never had an affair, and that he fired her because she was increasingly unstable.

Why the Joker movie is bad?

Joker is a bad movie, yes: It’s predictable, clichéd, deeply derivative of other, better movies, and overwritten to the point of self-parody. “Joker,” though, is a calculatedly combustible concoction, designed, like its chaos-creating character, to cause a stir. To provoke and distort.