Question: What Does It Mean When Someone Says Your Mom?

What does it mean if a guy calls you mom?

Well it could mean he sees you as a really close friend.

He sounds like he’s very comfortable around you and for most, if they like someone, they’ll be atleast a little nervous around them especially if you are in high school or lower.

He could also be teasing you with the pet name Mom..

What is full form of Mom?

MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management):

What is the full from of Boy?

Full form of BOYS.. B = Beauty. O = Of. Y = Young. S = Society..!!

What does mom stand for in texting?

What does MOM stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningMOMMixed Orientation Marriage (straight person married to a gay person)MOMPlease Wait A MomentMOMMean Old MomMOMMust Obey Me24 more rows

How do you respond when someone says your mom?

Good things to say when someone says “Your Mom!”Your Dad!Your Brother!Your Sister!Your Grandma!Your Grandpa!Your Aunt!Your Uncle!Your Cousin!More items…•

What is the full form of mother?

Mother is an English word, not an acronym. It is a noun which specifies a woman who is in relation to a child, to whom she has given birth. As we already state that it is not an acronym so it does not have any full form but many people create their own full form to show their creativity, love and respect for mother.

Who asked Meaning?

informal + impolite. —used as a response when someone gives an opinion that is not wanted”I think you should break up with that guy.” “Who asked you? Mind your own business!”

What is Mother simple words?

Mother is the pillar of strength in everyone’s life. She is one without whom our life is incomplete. A mother nurtures her child instil good manners in him and guide him in the journey called life. Mother is not simply a word but it is a whole universe in itself she is most important person in everybody’s life.

Who is the best mother in the world?

25 of History’s Greatest MomsMARIE CURIE. Although scientist Marie Curie (1867—1934) is best known for being the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, she also raised her two young daughters alone after her husband died in an accident in 1906. … SOJOURNER TRUTH. Wikimedia Commons. … ABIGAIL ADAMS. … IRENA SENDLER. … KATHY HEADLEE. … J.K. ROWLING. … HOELUN. … CANDY LIGHTNER.More items…•

What is the full form of love?

Love is not an acronym so it does not have any full form. Love is one of the most intense emotions that we experience as humans. It is a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection to pleasure. … Philautia: Self Love. Pragma: Committed, Married Love.