Question: What Does Sensible Mean For Kids?

What does recommend mean for kids?

Kids Definition of recommend 1 : to present or support as worthy or fit We recommended her for the job.

Can you recommend a hotel.

2 : to make a suggestion : advise I recommend that the matter be dropped.

3 : to make acceptable The plan has many points to recommend it..

What does recommence mean?

begin againThe verb recommence means “begin again.” Play may recommence in a baseball game after a rain delay, for example, or your diet may recommence after the new year. When you see the re- prefix on this word, you likely know that recommence is going to involve something that is done again.

What is a reflective person?

Reflective is an adjective that can describe a person who thinks things through, or a surface that reflects light or sound, like the reflective lettering on a stop sign. … A reflective person is a little different — he or she might have great insight due to taking the time to time carefully about things.

What’s the opposite of sensible?

What is the opposite of sensible?irrationalunreasonableexcitedimbecileimpracticalindiscreetunintelligentunrealisticill-advisedbaseless201 more rows

What is the definition of kid friendly?

(also family-friendly) A child-friendly place has special features that parents and children like: The hotel is very child-friendly and offers a babysitting service. suitable for children: The book provides child-friendly definitions of mathematical words.

How do you use the word recommend?

Recommend sentence examplesI recommend we start there, Dan said. … He, however, was the first to recommend the use of impersonal accounts in the national household. … To the sick the doctors wisely recommend a change of air and scenery. … On paper the scheme had everything to recommend it as the expedient most likely to bring about the desired end.More items…

What is the difference between a sensitive person and a sensible person?

In English, someone who is sensible is reasonable. They show good judgement. Being sensitive is about feelings, so someone who is sensitive may feel things strongly and get upset easily. Or they might be conscious of and able to understand other people’s feelings and emotions.

What type of word is kids?

A kid is a child, informally, and it’s also a young goat. … Sometimes the word kid means a kind of soft leather made from goat skin. When kid is used as a verb, it means to tease or jokingly deceive someone — to kid them.

What type of word is recommend?

verb (used with object) to present as worthy of confidence, acceptance, use, etc.; commend; mention favorably: to recommend an applicant for a job; to recommend a book. to represent or urge as advisable or expedient: to recommend caution.

Why children are called kids?

1200, “the young of a goat,” from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse kið”young goat,” from Proto-Germanic *kidjom(source also of Old High German kizzi, German kitze, Danish and Swedish kid), of uncertain origin. Extended meaning “child” is first recorded as slang 1590s, established in informal usage by 1840s.

What is the meaning of sensible?

adjective. having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgment: a sensible young woman. cognizant; keenly aware (usually followed by of): sensible of his fault.

Who is a sensible person?

adjective. The definition of sensible is someone or something that conforms with the rules of logic and that makes sense given the situation. An example of sensible is a level-headed person who makes good decisions.

What is a sensible answer?

1 : having, containing, or indicative of good sense or reason : rational, reasonable sensible people made a sensible answer. 2 : designed for practical ends (such as comfort) rather than for appearance sensible shoes.

What is another word for sensible?

What is another word for sensible?practicalreasonableastuteattentiveconversantcooldiscerningfull of common senseknowingtogether227 more rows

What is the difference between child and kid?

A kid is any child, either a boy or girl or a baby goat. … A child is a person, male or female, usually under ten, but it’s flexible too. My 16 year old is still my child but she is not a child. Children is simply the plural (more than one) of child.