Quick Answer: Can I Pay My Vodacom Account Online?

Can I pay someone’s cell phone bill without them knowing?

If you don’t know the persons carrier or its prepaid, it’s a little harder, but can be done if you’re communicating with them.

Now, it is hard to ANONYMOUSLY pay someone’s bill, especially if it’s prepaid..

How do I pay my bill?

How To Make a Bill Payment Online – My Account HelpSign in to My Account.Click Make a Payment. … Choose Current Balance or Pay another amount. … Select a saved payment method (if applicable) or enter a new bank account or credit/debit card number and click Continue. … The Review Your Payment screen will appear.More items…

What is itemized billing?

An itemized bill is a piece of paper which you are given before you pay for goods or services, listing the cost of each item purchased rather than just the total cost.

Where can you pay your Vodacom account?

You can pay at any branch of Standard Bank, ABSA, FNB or Nedbank. Simply go to the counter. Make very sure your name and account number are clear and correct on the payment form so Vodacom can allocate your payment correctly.

How does my Vodacom app work?

The My Vodacom App allows you to buy data bundles and airtime with ease using a variety of simple and convenient payment methods. These include adding the cost to your contract bill, deducting the cost from your airtime balance or using your credit/debit card to make purchases.

Can you pay your Truworths account online?

Simply pay your Truworths account online at http://www.truworths.co.za/!

How does Vodacom billing work?

Contract and hybrid customers need to activate the itemised billing at a monthly cost or register on the Vodacom website to view and download the bill at no additional cost. The cost for a Once off itemized billing request will be the same as a recurring monthly cost depending on delivery method, per post or email.

How do I pay my Foschini account online?

Online with your Master or Visa card. Sign up on TFG Online and you will be able to pay your account from anywhere on any device using your Master or Visa credit or cheque card.In any TFG store. … An online or ATM transfer. … Setup a debit order.

Who can help pay my cell phone bill?

State Assistance Your state may offer a program to help low-income residents with phone bills. State-run programs are commonly administered by the state’s utility commission or Department of Economic Security.

How do I pay my Vodacom account with capitec app?

use our app to make immediate paymentsTap Transact.Tap Payments.Choose the beneficiary and select Pay.Enter the payment details.Tap Immediate payment.Enter your secret Remote PIN to confirm.

Can I pay my Vodacom account at Shoprite?

Contract customers can now pay their bill at Shoprite or Checkers stores. You can simply pay y our account at the Money Market counter inside any Shoprite or Checkers store nationwide.

How do I pay my Vodacom contract?

On our Website: Log in to My Vodacom to process a debit order re-submission OR submit a ‘promise to pay’ (make a commitment to pay by a specific date. On your Vodacom cellphone: Dial *135# and choose ‘Services’ then ‘Arrears Self Help’ OR SMS the code ‘ARR’ to 31050.

How much do I owe Vodacom?

Simply dial *136# and your balance will be presented to you or dial *135# for your detailed balance and follow the prompts to find the information you’re looking for. For more help and advice, go to Vodacom Help me.

What is Vodacom add to Bill?

App StoreGoogle Playstore. Your favourite content is just a tap away. Just add it to your Vodacom account. … Appstore. The fast and easy way to pay for the entertainment you love, just add it to your Vodacom account. … Microsoft and Xbox Store. The simplest way to pay for games, subscriptions and more from Xbox and Microsoft.

Does Vodacom billing use airtime?

The service, which is now available to all Vodacom customers using devices powered by Android, integrates Google Play Store Apps purchase with Vodacom Airtime mode of payment. … Previously, only credit cards and other modes of payment were used to make purchases.

How can I pay my cell phone bill?

Dial *PAY (*729) from your AT&T wireless phone. Spanish-speaking customers, dial *PAGAR (*72427). Press 1 to pay with a bank account, or press 2 to pay with a debit/credit card. Follow the voice prompts to enter your payment information.

How can I check my Vodacom bill online?

Follow these simple steps to guide you:Log on to My Vodacom with on the My Vodacom App or on the Vodacom website.Select the billing section and you will have access to your Invoices, Statements, Bill so far and optional Itemised billing.

How do I pay my Ackermans account online?

To pay your account via Ozow, an instant secure EFT platform, CLICK HERE.Use your Ackermans 16-digit account card number as reference.