Quick Answer: What Does Curmudgeonly Mean?

What does sojourn mean in English?

: a temporary stay a sojourn in the country.



Is hag a swear word?

Historically, a hag is an old, ugly woman with evil powers. Much like witches, crones, and banshees, hag has become a sexist insult degrading women.

Whats is crank?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Crank is a pejorative term used for a person who holds an unshakable belief that most of their contemporaries consider to be false. A crank belief is so wildly at variance with those commonly held that it is considered ludicrous.

What does curmudgeonly mean in English?

(kəʳmʌdʒənli ) adjective. If you describe someone as curmudgeonly, you do not like them because they are mean or bad-tempered. [old-fashioned, disapproval]

Is curmudgeon a real word?

The word curmudgeon is an old one, originating in the 1570s, but where it comes from is unknown. … According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word may be “an extended sense of grum ‘morose, surly,'” which is probably related to the Danish grum, “cruel.”

How do you use curmudgeon in a sentence?

Curmudgeon sentence examplesClearly, I only play a curmudgeon in the newspaper. … Tho I consider myself a cheery soul, this man made me look like a miserable curmudgeon in comparison to his genuine bonhomie. … A curmudgeon, Bobby’s interactions are often humorous and doused in salt of the earth.More items…

What is an old man called?

Synonyms of ‘old man’ I sat next to her at the Senior Citizens’ Club yesterday. grandfather. patriarch. the patriarch of the clan. old age pensioner.

Does Old Man mean Dad?

noun Informal. a father, usually one’s own: His old man’s letting him have the car for the prom. a husband: The office is giving my old man a retirement party. a boyfriend or male lover, especially a male lover with whom one cohabits.

What do you call a grumpy person?

What is another word for grumpy person?grouchcomplainerpessimistsoreheadfaultfinderkvetchermiserable personmiserybugkicker43 more rows

What is a old codger?

n used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man. Synonyms: codger Type of: Methuselah, graybeard, greybeard, old man. a man who is very old.

What is a female curmudgeon called?

Curmudgeon is a uni-sex term. There is no female version. It is an all-encompassing word for a person who finds no joy in life. None.

What is a group of females called?

A group of ladies is called Bevy.

How do you describe a middle aged woman?

Here are some adjectives for middle-aged woman: stiffly slim, slightly obese, remarkably gowned, stout but attractive, furtively unconventional, fairly generic, stout but handsome, stout and severe, somewhat stout, respectable and well-known, respectable and respectful, slightly dumpy, rather severe-looking, immensely …

Where does the word curmudgeon come from?

As fickle and stubborn as the type of person it describes, curmudgeon comes to us without a history, its origins undisclosed. It was originally believed to have come from coeur mechant, the French phrase for “evil heart,” but that theory has been long discarded.

What is a grumpy old man definition?

A grumpy old man. Licensed from iStockPhoto. adjective. The definition of grumpy is irritable or grouchy. An example of grumpy is a person who is always complaining and unhappy.