Quick Answer: What Does The UniFi Controller Do?

Can you see me port?

This is a free utility for remotely verifying if a port is open or closed.

It is useful to users who wish to verify port forwarding and check to see if a server is running or a firewall or ISP is blocking certain ports..

What does port forwarding actually do?

Port forwarding allows remote computers (for example, computers on the Internet) to connect to a specific computer or service within a private local-area network (LAN). … The computers behind the router, on the other hand, are invisible to hosts on the Internet as they each communicate only with a private IP address.

Is ubiquiti a good brand?

Ubiquiti is a well-known networking brand. Most people are familiar with the company’s access points — those rounded antennas that you can find around schools, companies and public spaces. But the upfront investment has always been a bit steep for personal use cases and even small companies.

Do you need a UniFi controller?

Do UniFi APs require the controller to be running all the time? UniFi APs can run by themselves without the controller unless features like guest portal is enabled (as UniFi controller also functions as a captive portal).

How do I access my Ubiquiti controller?

To confirm you have cloud access, log in to the Cloud Access Portal (https://network.unifi.ui.com) with your SSO Ubiquiti credentials. 3. Access your Controller by clicking “Launch” in the Actions column.

How do I access Unifi AP without a controller?

Installing without the ControllerSo first we need the Unifi App from the Google Play store (or IOS app store), download the app on your mobile phone.Next, we need to install the Unifi AP, make sure it’s connected with an ethernet cable to your network. … Start the app on your mobile devices.More items…•

Is UniFi controller free?

UniFi Cloud Controller is an alternative method for hosting your UniFi Network controller software. … Note this is a separate product/feature from UniFi Cloud Access which is a free feature that allows any UniFi network to be hosted locally and managed via the internet. UniFi Cloud Controllers are a paid service.

How does Ubiquiti UniFi work?

The UniFi equipment uses Power Over Ethernet (POE) to avoid the need for an electrical cord between the wall outlet and the device on the wall. Each one comes with an adapter that takes the power from the wall outlet and sends it through a single Ethernet cable that is the only wire connected to the access point.

How do I add a device to my UniFi controller?

Mobile App: How to Adopt UniFi DevicesLaunch the UniFi mobile app and select the UniFi Network Controller.Go to the Devices tab. … Click on the device that is pending adoption and click Adopt under the Actions header at the bottom of the screen.More items…

How do I install UniFi controller as a service?

How to: How To Install Ubiquiti UniFi Controller As A Windows Service on Server 2012 R2Step 1: Download latest version of Ubiquiti UniFi Controller. … Step 2: Download latest version of Java (32bit) … Step 3: Install UniFi Controller. … Step 4: Proceed through Java download and install provided with package.More items…•

How do I change the port on my UniFi controller?

Steps – How to Change PortsClose any instances of UniFi Network Controller software.Modify the file system. properties accordingly—the file can be found in the directory /data/system. properties . … Make sure all ports needed by UniFi are available (see this article).Restart UniFi.

Is ubiquiti any good?

Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine review: This is the router you’ve been looking for. There’s no Wi-Fi 6 here, but that doesn’t matter — the UniFi Dream Machine is the best router I have ever used. Ubiquiti is well-known in the enterprise segment, but the brand also sells routers for home users.

What ports need to be open for UniFi controller?

Ingress Ports Required for L3 Management Over the InternetProtocolPort NumberUsageTCP8080Port used for device and controller communication.TCP8443Port used for controller GUI/API as seen in a web browserTCP8880Port used for HTTP portal redirection.TCP8843Port used for HTTPS portal redirection.2 more rows

Does UniFi controller need Java?

NOTE: Although Java is required on any machine that is actually hosting the UniFi Controller, it is not required to navigate to the UniFi Cloud Access Portal from where you can launch your Controller locally or remotely (if enabled).

What is the default password for UniFi controller?

The majority of Ubiquiti Networks routers have a default username of ubnt, a default password of ubnt, and the default IP address of 192.168. 1.1.

What’s the difference between WiFi extender and access point?

A range extender repeats the wireless signal from your router to expand its reach by creating a second network, while an access point relies on a hardwired connection to your network, rather than simply repeating the existing network.

How do I use UniFi controller?

First, you’ll need to download and install the controller version for your platform. Make sure to meet system requirements before you begin….Configure the UniFi Network ControllerName your controller. … Sign in with your Ubiquiti Account. … Configure the basic network settings. … Set up your UniFi devices. … Create a WiFi network.More items…

How do I adopt an Unifi controller?

Chrome Web BrowserGo to https://unifi.ui.com/ and log in with your Ubiquiti SSO credentials.Go to the Devices section and locate the model with the Pending Adoption status. Click ADOPT.In the Adopt window that will appear, select the controller and the site that will be adopting the device and click Adopt.