Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Teaching Materials?

Why teaching and learning is important?

​Modern society demands high quality teaching and learning from teachers.

Teacher learning is a continuous process that promote teachers’ teaching skills, master new knowledge, develop new proficiency, which in turn, help improve students’ learning.


What are learning activities?

Learning activities, as the name suggests, are activities designed or deployed by the teacher to bring about, or create the conditions for learning. … Some learning activities stimulate experiential learning, others mobilise conceptual thinking, while still others prompt students to engage in analytical discussion.

What are the characteristics of a good TLM?

Characteristics of Good Teaching Aids 2) Teaching aids are meaningful and they always stand to serve a useful purpose. 3) Teaching aids are upto the mark and upto date in every respect. 4) Teaching aids are simple , cheap and may be improvised. 5) Teaching aids are accurate and realistic.

How many types of TLM are there?

three typesAccordingly, there are three types of TLMs: Audio, Visual and Audio-Visual.

What are teaching and learning support materials?

Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) – means a variety of learning and teaching materials used in classroom. … Core LTSM – refers to the category of LTSM that is central to teaching the entire curriculum of a subject for a Grade. Generally, this would comprise a textbook/learner book, workbook and teacher guide.

What are the uses of teaching/learning materials?

Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs) are important for the teachers in teaching his/her lesson effectively as it help him/her to a better interpretation and appreciation of the concepts, contents as well as the subject matter. TLMS also enables the students to proceeds towards concrete learning.

What are the different learning materials?

Types of learning materialsFolders. You can use Folders to organise and structure your learning materials, making it simpler for students to find what they are looking for.Learning Modules. … Items. … Module page. … Course Link. … Web Link. … Audio file. … YouTube videos.More items…

What are the importance of teaching and learning materials?

Learning materials are important because they can significantly increase student achievement by supporting student learning. For example, a worksheet may provide a student with important opportunities to practice a new skill gained in class.

What is the meaning of TLM?

teaching/learning materialsIn the field of education, TLM is a commonly used acronym that stands for “teaching/learning materials.” Broadly, the term refers to a spectrum of educational materials that teachers use in the classroom to support specific learning objectives, as set out in lesson plans.

What is the purpose of resources in learning and teaching?

Individuals who are different from each other in terms of maturity, motivation, ability, learning styles, aspirations, interests, aptitudes and socio-economic background. The purpose of learning and teaching resources is to provide a source of learning experiences for students.

What are class learning resources?

Learning Resources Materials are materials that are used for teaching a course. Assignment: Activities or lesson plans designed to enable students to learn skills and knowledge. …