Quick Answer: What Is The World’S Biggest Library?

What is the largest library in Europe?

Berlin State LibraryBerlin State Library Berlin State Library is one of Europe’s largest libraries and an important academic research centers in the German-speaking world.

The library has a collection of over 23 million items including cultural works, media, and texts covering all languages from all the countries of the world..

What is another name for library?

What is another word for library?athenaeumatheneumstudybook collectionbook roominformation centermedia centerreference centerbookstore1 more row

What is the first law of library science?

First Law: Books are for use The first law constitutes the basis for the library services. Dr. Ranganathan observed that books were often chained to prevent their removal and that the emphasis was on storage and preservation rather than use.

Which country has the biggest library in the world?

the USLocation – Washington D.C. The Library of the US Congress is regarded as the biggest library in the world. It houses books, documents, journals and research materials in almost 450 languages.

What is the name of the largest library and where is it located?

The World’s Biggest LibrariesRankLibrary NameLocation1Library of CongressWashington, D.C., United States2British LibraryLondon and Boston Spa, United Kingdom3New York Public LibraryNew York, United States4Library and Archives CanadaOttawa, Canada11 more rows•Sep 30, 2019

What is the most beautiful library in the world?

The most beautiful libraries in the world6,000 windows are punched like portholes into the Kanazawa Umimirai Library, Japan.Strahov Monastery and Library, Prague. … Baroque Library of Metten Abbey, Germany. … Calgary Central Library, Alberta, Canada. … Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland. … Cantilevered glass pods at the Bishan Public Library, Singapore.More items…

What is the smallest book in the world?

Teeny Ted from Turnip TownThe current Guinness World Record holder for the world’s smallest reproduction of a printed book is “Teeny Ted from Turnip Town,” a children’s story etched using an ion beam onto pure crystalline silicon by Simon Frazer University in Canada.

Who created the first public library?

Benjamin FranklinThe first public library in the U.S. is contested, but there are three generally accepted answers. The first is the Library Company of Philadelphia which was founded in November 1731 by Benjamin Franklin. It was a subscription library and supported by members.

How did library get its name?

Library, traditionally, collection of books used for reading or study, or the building or room in which such a collection is kept. The word derives from the Latin liber, “book,” whereas a Latinized Greek word, bibliotheca, is the origin of the word for library in German, Russian, and the Romance languages.

Who is father of library?

Shiyali Ramamrita RanganathanRanganathan, in full Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan, (born August 9, 1892, Shiyali, Madras, India—died September 27, 1972, Bangalore, Mysore), Indian librarian and educator who was considered the father of library science in India and whose contributions had worldwide influence.

Which country has the best libraries?

Share thisLocationPublic LibrariesChina51,311Russia46,000India29,800Ukraine18,323212 more rows•Jun 19, 2018

Which library has the most books in the world?

the Library of CongressNumber of items: 162 million+ Located in Washington, D.C., the Library of Congress is the national library of the United States and the largest library in the world.

How many libraries are in the world?

Today, there are more than 230,000 public libraries in developing and transitioning countries. Let’s make them all engines for development.

Who is the first librarian in the world?

ZenodotusThe First Librarian. The first recorded Librarian was Zenodotus (Ζηνόδοτος) of Ephesus, holding that post from the end of Ptolemy I’s reign. He was a Greek grammarian, literary critic, and Homeric scholar. A native of Ephesus and a pupil of Philitas of Cos, he was the first librarian of the Library of Alexandria.