Quick Answer: Which City Code Is 033?

Which country has 042 code?

Fixed telephonyCityCodeLahore4243Larkana74Lasbela85369 more rows.

What is an 033 number?

033 Numbers are the first UK non-geographic number range with standard call charges. Your caller will never pay more than a standard local or national rate to contact you. Even better, calls to 033 business numbers are included in bundled or inclusive minutes from landlines and mobiles.

How do I dial an 0333 number from abroad?

If you do need to try and call the 0333 number from outside of the UK then you can try by calling 00 44 333 and the remainder of the telephone number. You can purchase 0333 numbers here, and use it for personal or business use.

Is 087 a Telkom number?

087 is non-GNP (Geographic number range). So the number isn’t linked to a place, like 011 is JHB and surrounds, 021 is Cape Town etc etc. The number range is dedicated to most license operators other than Telkom (although they too have their own range).

What is the area code for 0333?

0333 numbers are examples of a non-geographic phone numbers. These are numbers that are not linked to any locality within the UK. They were introduced in 2007 as an alternative to the traditional landlines that were usually assigned geographically through the use of a system of location-specific area codes.

How do I know if my number is Globe or PLDT?

This means, if your PLDT landline number is 123-4567, your *new* digits are: (8)123-4567….The NTC assigned each Public Telecommunications Entity (PTE) operating within the local exchange area “02” their own identifier.For PLDT, it’s “8.”For Globe, it’s “7.”For Bayan, it’s “3.”

Which country code is this +639?

Philippines+639 Country: Philippines, Region: Mobile Phones.

What is Philippines area code?

+63Philippines/Dialing codes

Are 033 numbers free on EE?

EE treats calls to 03 numbers in the same way as 01 and 02 numbers. This means that if you have a contract with EE that gives you inclusive calls, then the calls that you make to an 0333 number will come out of your monthly allowance. … This is the same amount that you would be charged for calls to 01 and 02 numbers.

What area code is 033 in the Philippines?

+63-33-(3670000…3679999), Passi City, Iloilo. Area Code +63-33-(3670000…3679999) located in Passi City, Iloilo (ILI), more detail is as below. Example: +63-33-3670000 / 0063-33-3670000 (033-3670000 / 0-33-3670000)

Which city code is 061?

Multan061 xxxxxxx: Multan. 062 xxxxxxx: Bahawalpur. 064 xxxxxxx: Dera Ghazi Khan.

Are 03 numbers free on BT landline?

Calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to landline numbers. They’re included as part of any inclusive call minutes or discount schemes for geographic calls. … The UK-wide 03 number range was introduced as an alternative to numbers beginning with 08, for example 0870 and 0845.

Is 067 a Telkom number?

New 067 number range allocated to Telkom Mobile. … The email states that Telkom was allocated new numbers in the 067 range by ICASA. The sub range is 600 000 to 799 999, which is a size of 2,000,000, added the email. Telkom already has mobile numbers in the 0670-0672 range, as well as numbers in the 0658–0659 range.

How do I convert my phone number to International?

If you send worldwide, you’ll always have to convert your mobile numbers to international format by prefixing with the appropriate international dialling code. For the UK the dialling code is 44, so you’ll need to add this and remove the leading zero. For example 07712345678 would become 447712345678 .

What is an 087 number?

Traditionally, 087 numbers are used to serve clients from one central call center. Calls can then be transferred to departments that are located anywhere in the country. 087 numbers are best suited for businesses who wish to establish the perception of having national presence.

Which network is 087 in South Africa?

02 – The Western Cape and parts of the Northern Cape. 03 – KwaZulu-Natal….Telephone and cellphone number codes in South Africa.Number rangeArea or Operator08671 – 08674Information services087Value-added services (like VoIP)088Pagers and Telkom CallAnswer voicemail089Maxinet, for polls and radio call-in services51 more rows•Jun 10, 2016

Which city code is 054 in Pakistan?

S.#Number Plan Area (Districts)Area Codes54Layyah60655Lodhran60856Ghotki72357Shikarpur72695 more rows

Which country has 021 code?

China021 is: in China, the telephone area code for the city of Shanghai. in Indonesia, the area code for the city of Jakarta and surrounding cities. in Iran, the telephone area code for the capital city of Tehran.

Is 0333 free from mobile?

0300, 0330, 0333, 0370 or 0345 numbers (in fact any 03 number) they are all the same price to call as if you were calling an 01 or 02 landline – including from mobiles. Owners / Users of 0845 secure your 0345 equivalent number today.

What are free phone numbers?

Calls are free of charge from all consumer landlines and mobile phones. If you are calling from a business phone, you should check with your provider whether there will be a charge for calling 0800 or 0808. These service numbers are used by organisations for sales or enquiry lines.

Where is 033 code?

Geographical area and sub-area codes for the 033 fieldCountry‡c city codeAustraliaMelbournePerthSydneyVictoria141 more rows