What Can MyBlue Wellness Card Be Used For?

What can I use MyBlue wellness card for?

The rewards you earn are deposited on your MyBlue Wellness Card, a debit card that can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses, such as doctor’s office copays, prescriptions, lab fees and more.

You’ll get your card after the first time you complete the BHA..

What is wellness card?

It pays to be healthy The new wellness debit card helps you live a healthier lifestyle with a $250 annual allowance for a variety of products and services, including: Fitness centers. Gym memberships. … Health products (including GNC, Feel-Rite, and Vitamin World)

How do I check my blue wellness card balance?

Check your MyBlue Wellness Card balance anytime. Click below or call 1-866-852-6435.

What can I buy with my Anthem Rewards card at Walmart?

Starting in January of 2019, Anthem beneficiaries will be able to purchase OTC medications, first-aid supplies, and other health items such as support braces and pain relievers, using the new benefit. Members can shop in Walmart stores or purchase qualifying items online.

What can I use my Anthem Rewards card on?

Here’s how it works. When you take part in a health and wellness program or activity, you’ll earn rewards. You can use your rewards to get gift cards from top retailers. You can receive gift cards for electronics, restaurants, clothing, books and much more!

How do I get money on my OTC card?


Does BCBS FEP cover Silver Sneakers?

As a Blue Cross Blue Shield member, your health plan may already include SilverSneakers program membership as an added benefit. That means free gym access to multiple SilverSneakers fitness locations and exercise classes led by certified instructors who know how to help seniors stay fit. All at no extra cost to you.

Where can I use my health Extras card?

Enjoy the ability to join any gym you choose with the Independent Health $250 Health ExtrasSM Prepaid Visa ® Card. Simply call to request your $250 card, and use it to pay for a gym membership at the location of your choice (there is no network of vendors associated with this benefit). It’s that simple.

Does Blue Cross cover essential oils?

In general, no. Health insurance plans in the US usually don’t cover aromatherapy or essential oil therapy. Actually, it’s rare for most health plans to cover any type of complementary or alternative medicine.

How do you earn Blue rewards?

To earn their Blue Rewards incentive, a member must:Select a PCMH PCP.Provide e-consent for wellness communications.Complete an online health assessment.Schedule a visit with their PCMH PCP to complete the Health Screen Form.

Does Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield reimburse gym memberships?

If you have other eligible members under your plan, they can also submit claims for reimbursement for membership at a fitness club or exercise center; however, please note that the total maximum amount allotted for the family benefit is $200, so any claims over that amount will not be reimbursed.

What are healthy rewards?

Healthy Rewards is a no-cost, optional program for eligible members enrolled in our health plan. The program encourages you to get the care you need to create a healthy lifestyle. You can redeem these Healthy Rewards through the Benefit Reward Hub.

What can you use your Wellness card for?

Where can I use my wellness debit card?Fitness centers (gym memberships, fitness classes, personal training sessions)Health food stores (nutritional supplements and health products from retailers, including GNC, Feel-Rite Fresh Markets, and Vitamin World)Acupuncturists.Massage therapy and chiropractic facilities.More items…

Can I use MyBlue wellness card for glasses?

Use your MyBlue® Wellness Card to pay for qualified medical expenses, like contact lenses, glasses and prescriptions. As a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan member, you have access to a range of features, programs and tools designed to help you get the most out of your coverage.

What is a wellness incentive?

Benefits-based wellness incentive programs typically offer employees a discount on their insurance premium, paid time off, a contribution to an HSA or HRA, or a lower co-pay or deductible as an incentive. This is a great wellness incentive management strategy.

What is MyBlue health?

MyBlue Health is a focused network with select physician and partner hospitals. Our long-standing history in providing affordable health care coverage to the people of Texas and our strong brand recognition make BCBSTX an excellent choice for members seeking cost-effective health care.